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With a new year come new resolutions and new goals! While there's never a bad time to try something new or something daring, the beginning of the year always offers plenty of events and activities that can set the tone for the coming months.

If you're looking to try something new - check out some of these events below!

Big Beach Marathon and Half Marathon 2019

On January 27, run, walk, and party at the Big Beach Marathon and Half Marathon. Cross 'run a marathon' off your bucket list and take on the challenge of running across Alabama's beautiful Gulf Shores. Enjoy scenic views of the water and tranquil white-sand beaches while accomplishing a goal. Your efforts will be rewarded with a post-race celebration at The Hangout, offering live music, great food, and beer with other participants!

25th Annual Gulf Shores Winter Classic Tennis

Interested in sports and leisure? Spend a day relaxing and enjoying a fantastic competition at the 25th Annual Gulf Shores Tennis Winter Classic. Watch both Men's & Women's unsanctioned doubles during this two-day tournament at the George C. Meyer Tennis Centre.

Genghis Khan: The Great Civilizer

The Gulf Shores Exploreaum Science Centre welcomes the Genghis Khan: The Great Civilizer exhibit in 2019. Named by CNN and TIME Magazine as the 'Man of the Millenium', Genghis Khan's legacy and history offer a striking and intriguing exhibit. On the tail of the previous China and Pompeii exhibit, this major blockbuster exhibit is expected to be in high demand. Visitors can walk through and observe over 300 items on display, all curated for presentation through the eyes of a Mongolian resident. Flashback into history and visit this eye-opening display.

If you're a vacationer enjoying a stay at the Gulf Shores, these events are sure to keep you entertained while you soak in the beauty of the coast. Best Western on the Beach offers a fantastic view, a relaxing escape from the daily grind, and is a short drive or even walking distance to many of these fun activities.

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